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Takuro Wakabayashi (Managing Partner)

Takuro founded ASTEC in 2001 with a vision of accelerating growth of university spinout stratups and promoting innovation through open collaboration. Since then, he has been actively investing in, and involved in, various technology startups.
Takuro has been on the board of Perseus Proteomics, Sanki Diecast, TechnoStar, Advanced Photonics, TMS, and BioMedCore among others.

Previously he worked for a media conglomerate Recruit Co., Ltd. where he experienced various business development capacity including venture investment in internet startups.

Takuro earned his B.A. in Laws from University of Tokyo and MBA from INSEAD.

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Yoshihiko Matsumoto, Ph.D (Advisor)

Yoshihiko belongs to New Energy Sytem Division at JX Nippon Oil & Energy, Japan's largest energy company, while occupies a professor position at Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Yoshihiko is also a proven entrepreneur. He co-founded Microsoft Japan in 1978, and he also founded Nippon Microhard, which was behind all Japanese PC manufacturers back then. After successfully closing the company in 1987,Yoshihiko became a Senior Technology Advisor to ASCII, where he was involved in various startups, including Power Computing Corp. (Japan representative) and Biscuit Networks, Inc. (founder CTO)

Yoshihiko shifted his focus toward energy revolution around 2000 because he understood significant implication of long-term effect of energy/environment issue, and has been involved in many renewable energy projects since.

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Robert Kneller, M.D., J.D., M.P.H. (Advisor)

Robert is professor at Research Center for Advaced Science and Technology (RCAST), University of Tokyo, since 1998. His research has focused on entrepreneurship, intellectual property, university-industry technology transfer, and the importance of these factors for the development of biomedical and other scientific discoveries for public benefit.
Robert published Bridging Islands (Oxford 2007), which analyzes Japanese and American environments for science-based entrepreneurship, and a study of the origins of all the new drugs approved by US FDA 1998-2007 which shows the importance of new companies for the discovery of innovative pharmaceuticals (Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, 2010).

Previously Robert worked in the US National Institute of Health, first as cancer epidemiologist, then in science policy, and at the coordinator for clinical cooporative R&D agreements with industry to develop NIH cancer drugs.

Robert earned his M.P.H. from Johns Hopkins, M.D. from Mayo Medical School, and J.D. from Harvard Law School.

His CV and publications are here.


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